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    Tuesday, July 20th, 2010
    7:53 pm
    Requicat In Paecem

    Dear Tiger,

    Becky called me yesterday, in tears. You passed away.
    It seems wrong, somehow (not somehow; it seems wrong at all) that you should go while I wasn't there. But I couldn't be there; I assumed that, while you were old, you would there...when I came home.

    After all, you always had been before.

    What hurts worse is that she said you had been missing for a few days before you came home and Mom found you under the bushes. I can't help but wonder if, maybe, you knew you were not going to be here much longer. If you wanted to see me one last time before you had to leave.
    If you were looking for me...but came home because you realized you wouldn't find me in time; it takes days for humans to travel from Ontario to Nova Scotia, even by car. For a cat, on foot? It would take weeks, if not months.

    And I wasn't there for you, when you left. I was not there for you - because I did not realize (how could I?) that you would be going so soon.
    It seems like it was only a couple years ago that I brought you home from the pound, a tiny kitten. (But it wasn't; I was five. Has it really been seventeen years?)

    I'm crying as I write this. I don't dare speak; it would turn into sobs.

    They buried you in the garden, under the tiger lilys. Becky said they're buying a stone for you. That she'll buy one with your tag set into it. This...what more can I do? Especially when I'm thousands of miles away?
    A picture, maybe. But I doubt that I could draw one, without it getting tear-stained. Which would rather ruin the paper.

    I love you. I miss you. I will always miss you.


    (Crossposted to "note to cat")

    Current Mood: melancholy
    Saturday, November 7th, 2009
    8:25 am
    Folklore Research
    While doing some research for an essay in Urban Legends (yes, I have a class that is all about Urban Legends and it is fantastic) I came across an interesting bit of information. My paper partly involves Black Dogs, since the legend I'm researching seems to be an off-shoot or a crossbreeding between the Black Dog legends and the Vanishing Hitchhiker.

    Anyways. The Black Dog is, as the name suggests, a black dog. It's a spectral black dog of variable size (usually about the size of a "big" dog, but it can be anywhere up to the size of a young calf or as small as a Weinerhund) and it's usually regarded as being malevolent, or at least really ominous - although there are specific ones that are seen as being benevolent.
    One of the alternate names for the Black Dog is Padfoot.

    Which now has me wondering, "Did she do that on purpose, or is it just something that seemed like a good name for a big black dog that seems, at the beginning, to be very ominous?"
    Thursday, July 31st, 2008
    2:44 am
    New Skull Man
    Hoo-boy. So, we've got a new Skull Man over at M3. It's not looking pretty, so far; I haven't even RP'd with him yet, and I'm not feeling inclined to do so.

    Why am I so anti-new-Skull Man?'s like this: he has an ANSI'd chantitle in bright pinks and blues and greens and yellows. With underlining. So his chantitle looks like this (actually, this is his chantitle): shut up and skate. Changed from a perfectly normal-coloured "Ahhhh! Deaaaaaath!" (Which was a good two-word summary of the previous characterization. The player has stated that 'shut up and skate' is now the new summary...which makes me twitch.) Makes your head hurt just to look at it, doesn't it?
    And he doesn't use punctuation or capitalization when he types, either, which makes me twitch, wonder how he got approved to play, and pray that he doesn't RP that way, too.

    We've suggested that he change it - subtle hints, so far. Well, subtle to him; I'm not sure how subtle I'd find "dear god, my eyes" in regards to my chantitle, myself. Especially not when I was a newbie.

    Geh. Which makes me hope that he is a newbie and not a noob instead. Newbies grow up; noobs devolve into trolls.

    Current Mood: cranky
    Sunday, May 18th, 2008
    5:11 pm
    W.T.F., over?

    So. Apparently aiming slut-wear at tweens is no longer enough. Now it's being aimed at toddlers, too.

    The thing is, I wouldn't have a problem if they were wearing dress-up clothes like that, and I wouldn't have as much of a problem if it were, say, a Halloween costume.
    Because most kids get that you cannot wear dress-up clothes to school, and that you aren't supposed to wear Halloween costumes much before or past Halloween.

    This, however, is real clothing. And they're going to want to wear it to school. Worse, the kind of parent who would buy this for their kid will probably be encouraging the kid to wear it for everyday stuff.


    Someone remind me why I'm not allowed to opt out of the human race again?

    Current Mood: cranky
    Saturday, May 3rd, 2008
    10:13 pm
    So I came up with a pretty neat battlebot for the Battle and Chase games. Deadline for submission was Friday at 11.59 pm.

    I finish up and send in the car app and then the battlebot app - or at least I thought I sent the battlebot app in.
    I never got a battlebot or any email saying I needed to change something so I checked to make sure I'd actually sent in the app (so that I'd be able to legitimately say that something'd gone wrong here).

    Turns out I either didn't send it or I sent it just as my connection bobbled, and it never went through. Either way, it's not in the 'sent' folder, which sucks.
    So I'll just save the idea for next year and make sure to get it right, the next time around.

    Current Mood: complacent
    Tuesday, March 18th, 2008
    9:58 am
    (Saving this to go in Bad_Service, later)

    First time poster, but I haven't been lurking all that long.

    So, about a month ago, my boyfriend's laptop starts acting up and refusing to work properly when he tries to play videos. Attempts at fixing the problem fail, and the graphic card (which is the source of the problem) can't just be yanked out and replaced, since this is an HP laptop, and HP has decided that it's a wonderful idea to integrate the graphic card with the motherboard (I..think. I'm relaying this second-hand; the bit I'm absolutely sure on is that HP integrated the graphics card with a bit of the laptop that abso-positively cannot just be yanked out and replaced without killing the laptop.)
    Even better, it turns out that the issue Boyfriend is having with the graphics card? It's a known issue. One HP knew about when the laptops were sent out to stores, from what he's relayed to me.

    So, Boyfriend takes the laptop back in to Staples for the fourth or fifth time, tells 'em, "This is the fourth time I've brought it in to get it repaired and it isn't fixed. In fact, it has now died on me. Fix it asap, please, I need it for my schoolwork."

    It's now been a month since he sent it in for the last time. He has essays he needs to be doing, and yes - it is possible for him to do them without the laptop, but the fact that there's only one computer at his house and the fact that he's quite a ways from the university he goes to school at? These things make it a lot more difficult, without his laptop. Especially the "a ways a way from the library or university" bit - it means that he either has to spend more money printing things out, spend more driving down to the university or library, or both. And...well, he's a university student; he's not exactly rolling in cash, here.

    He's hoping to get the laptop back today. I'm not so certain, since 1) it's been a month and they've said two or three times before now that it's ready to be picked up, only for it not to be ready at all, 2) the times he's tried to find out what's going on with his laptop, he's been stymied due to the fact that whoever was manning the phone spoke very little English (in Boyfriend's words, it was as if the service rep had been taught only one phrase and that was "I don't see it here.")
    Friday, March 14th, 2008
    12:36 pm
    Abandoned Food
    I think this counts as more a WTF than an actual witnessed suck. For one thing, I'm not sure how much it counts as "witnessed".

    My mom and I were out shopping the other day at the local grocery store. It's the one with the big yellow banana that urges you to "smile while you save"; it may be specific to Canada alone - I'm not sure.

    We needed cat food, and decided to pick up a few other items while we were at it. Among the stuff we needed was toothpaste.
    The toothpaste aisle, while just across from one of the meat freezers, was pretty clearly not a food aisle.
    So imagine my surprise when I spot a plastic container of mushrooms (looked like they might've been portabellos) sitting on top of one of the toothpaste containers, a bright orange "99 cents!" label stuck on the top.

    Mom and I joked about it a bit, I made a note of it and suggested we could take it ('cause I mean...99 cents for a whole thing of mushrooms. That's an awesome deal) but Mom said that we don't really need mushrooms right now - so we went onwards.

    Next stop? The aisle we needed for cat food (and also soup, at the end). Which made the container of spinach dip sitting out there all the more baffling.
    We don't need spinach dip either, but at least we're just a little ways away from another freezer - so I pick up the container and set it on one of the boxes in the freezer. It's still not in the right place, true - but at least this way, it won't go bad (assuming it hasn't been out too long already).

    We get the cat food, a few snacks, and - our basket full - we head off to the register to check out. As we're there, I mention the container of mushrooms and the spinach dip to the cashier, and Mom jokes that it was like someone was trying to create an easter egg hunt or something.

    Who does that, honestly? I mean, I've been in situations where we decided against getting something - but we almost always either handed it over to the cashier to put back later, or ran it back ourselves.

    Current Mood: confused
    12:15 pm
    To-Do List
    Things to do:

    - work on Assignment 2; figure out how to write on economic freedoms from the required viewpoint. Do the readings, since they'll probably help. Boot brother off of computer, if neccessary; my homework trumps his desire to game.

    - get forms needed for OSAP in order. Fill out forms; send forms in. Remember how this is done for next year.

    - find out if I'm going to need to send in any documentation for proof of disability for Residence. Find and make copies of the documentation, if so.

    - find the documentation we did with Tania for OSAP. Make copies of it, for the out-of-province OSAP form

    ETA: try and get in contact with Beatties, to see if there've been any updates about my laptop. Bug dad about his promise to try and contact them sometime today - see if he followed through.

    Current Mood: busy
    Monday, March 10th, 2008
    11:09 pm
    US Water
    ...please tell me that I'm not the only one who's rather creeped out by the fact that the US water apparently is drugged?

    Well, certainly, it's not intentional. But it's still damn creepy.

    And personally? I'm rather worried about the fact that they found naproxen in New Orleans's water.
    But that could be because, y'know, I'm allergic to the stuff and I don't want to go testing just how low my tolerance for the stuff is.

    Apparently, though, there are no methods of cleaning this stuff out of the water. And it's not just the US water, either. It's water all over the world - apparently, we don't metabolize the doses of medication as well as we thought we did, so a good portion of it goes out with the rest of what our body deems to be waste products.


    Okay, sure the procedures that're needed to get this stuff out of the water are expensive - or non-existant, so far. But y'know what? We're supposed to have the brightest minds of our age. If we cannot find methods that are less expensive - or invent ones that work better and cheaper - then I'd say that's a point of failure on our part, as the world.

    Current Mood: annoyed
    9:28 pm
    I got mail from Cape Breton University on Friday - they've accepted me to the Bachelor of Arts program, to get my major in history.

    I'll admit this now: there was happy-dancing, when I got the letter.

    Now that I've been accepted, there's only a few things left to sort out - housing and financial aid, mostly. And those should be easy enough to sort out, really.

    Current Mood: ecstatic
    Friday, February 29th, 2008
    12:24 am
    Aster's clothing
    I haven't really been musing much about what Aster's clothes look like - I don't need "historical accuracy" here, after all.
    I's D&D. Historical accuracy counts only if the GM feels it'd make the game-play more interesting.

    But Asteria's clothing definitely is influenced by the medieval period (when I can find stuff that looks 'right,' anyways).

    I found a pair of shoes that work well for her status (different colouring, obviously - she wouldn't go for scarlet; she's much more a fan of greens and blues. But the buff-toned leather would've stayed. Probably more embroidery, too; possibly worked over with beads.) (Also, fun fact - these specific shoes? Former property of the Holy Roman Emperor. They work mostly 'cause 1) Aster's family is wealthy (moreso before they got planeshifted; they're well-off, now, and working on getting back to their former accustomed status) - they have the money to commission something like that for a younger daughter (although it was still a mark of favour - and they were a fiftieth birthday present; her parents weren't going to shell out money for real shoes 'till after she'd finished growing). 2) Aster is one of her parents' favourites - she has a lot of siblings, and she's not the only favourite daughter. But she is one of them. Thus, she tends to get a lot of the nicer things, when there's a reason to splurge. 3) They have the 'sandally'-type look I was hoping for.)

    Here's Asteria's purse - she keeps it tucked away in her bodice (figuring it'll be safer there.)

    She has a nightgown, of sorts (it's mostly just an over-sized tunic, really.) Also, she has the general medieval preferences in colour (generally prefers bright, almost garishly "loud" colours.)

    Current Mood: amused
    Wednesday, February 20th, 2008
    3:24 pm
    Mm. I was reading my friendslist and spotted something on metaquotes about someone looking for the right kind of present to give her flower girl. So I clicked the 'context' link and went over to read the post and the comments.

    And reading, I realized why I don't wear a lot of the jewelery I have. It's all "good" jewelery - it's the kind of stuff you wear on special occasions. I have very few pieces that aren't so special that they automatically slot into that "special occasions only" category, in my mind.
    And those few pieces I do have that fit into the "every-day wear" category are...well, about half of them are earrings. Sadly, most of these earrings just don't work for me any more; they're all either missing a mate, or their backing, or they're too small for comfort now, or they're blatantly very "kiddie"-type stuff - or they fall into multiple categories (my Mulan earrings, for example - I only have half the pair, and while I don't have anything against Disney-wear...I don't know. I'd rather be wearing something from Nightmare before Christmas than Mulan is all, I guess.)

    The rest of my "everyday" wear are cheap plastic rings that are too small for me now, a couple bracelets, one or two necklaces, and a plastic choker that Sarah gave me for my 10th or 11th birthday.


    What I really want isn't more dressy jewelery. I want some stuff I can wear for every-day occasions. I want stuff I can show off.

    Current Mood: indescribable
    Friday, February 1st, 2008
    10:17 am
    Dear You,

    I'm not quite sure why you feel the need to protect your character from, y'know, everything short of divine wrath. But apparently you do.
    But what you don't seem to quite get is that this doesn't result in the other players seeing you as being reasonable.

    It results in us seeing you as overly-protective. Plus, we start eyeing your char the same way we would some uber-monster in a dungeon, trying to figure out how to take you down, should we need to.

    Considering that you seem determined to not only protect yourself from everything short of divine wrath (and considering recent behaviour, I'm sure that this isn't an oversight so much as it is you being unable to find anything that would actually make your char immune to that, too), but you're also determined to apparently make yourself a combat-wombat, our eyeing you this way is, really, reasonable.
    After all, the immune-to-everything-but-a-specific-relic-dedicated-to-Deity-X Cleric with 5 HP to her name losing it, deciding the rest of the party is irredeemably evil, and attempting to kill us all is completely different from, say, the Celestial Paladin (with all the same immunities) doing the same.

    'Cause the Cleric? We can just sit on the cleric, if we have to. If the Paladin loses it, we may need to get a Tarrasque to eat her.

    And the only thing you're weak against is mental effects.
    Meaning that should the bad guys wish to screw us over horribly without doing anything themselves? All they need to do is get you to think that they're your new best friend and that you ought to do whatever they ask.
    Actually, they don't even need to do that. They just need to hit you with Confusion.

    This "I must keep anything bad from happening to my character" mentality, on it's own, would be annoying enough (but not really bad enough to merit a post, let alone the creation of a sock-puppet for posting).
    But you don't just have that mentality. You also feel that you should be allowed these things that would keep anything bad from affecting your character, and you pester the poor GMs until they're quite bluntly telling you to shut up and drop it, because they're tired of hearing the same argument over and over.

    You want a Gargantuan broadsword and then nudge it down to Huge when the GMs raise good points about having trouble fitting into dungeons with it (or even ordinary rooms with it). Even at Huge, you're going to have trouble entering buildings and dungeons with that thing. Plus? The size and weight of it mean that you are, for all intents and purposes, wielding a Trailer-Sword.
    I'm not sure if it's the size of a mobile home or if it's one of those "hauled by large trucks" trailers, but. It's a trailer. It should, by rights, snap your wrists if you try and use it as a sword - never mind what it's gonna do to anyone you're not intending to hit; you shouldn't even be able to wield the friggin' thing effectively, because it is - at best- the same bloody size as you!

    And then, when your Trailer-Sword is nixed, you start asking for a Chain-Sword. Also nixed.

    And now you're pestering them to try and get a Prestige Class that you don't qualify for - on the basis that you have an item that you can use that has the ability the Prestige Class needs.
    Being sane (despite your efforts so far), the GMs are saying no.

    And why do they keep saying no? Perhaps it's because your arguments don't make sense a lot of the time. Or, if you start out sounding logical, you start contradicting yourself midway through the argument. Or possibly because - despite your protestations to the contrary - everything you keep bringing up at this point is twinky. It really, really is.

    Seriously, quit it. Quit it before the GMs give in to the urge to just boot you from the game just so that they don't have to go through another one of your logic-distorting arguments again, patiently pointing out each flaw and painstakingly detailing why they aren't going to allow this or that loophole that you want to exploit (or why this or that loophole doesn't even exist in the form you're trying to use).

    I can understand - in a very abstract sort of way - why you want to protect your character so badly. It sucks, to end up with a bad dice roll and see hours of work and months of play just vanish.
    But sometimes - and I need you to listen close here - sometimes Bad Stuff Happens. You go in trying to stop the bad guy of the day and he makes you die with a word before you get within range. Or he slices you in half. Or a stalagmite (or is it stalactite? The ones that point down, anyways) drops on you and squashes you. Or you fall off the boat and your full-plate armour drags you down to the bottom of the sea.

    Bad Things Happen. And you can't possibly stop all of them - nor should you try. For one, it makes you look like a rather paranoid twink. For another, it takes out a lot of the fun of RPing. I mean...if you know that you're immune to that dragon stepping on you or breathing on you, why should you be worried about taking it on - even if you're nowhere near the level you should be to try and take it on yet? If you're immune to being drained of life, why should you be scared of the evil lich who's trying to take over the empire?

    But...if you aren't scared, it makes things a little less interesting, in a way. It means you won't be reacting quite as you should - that dragon should worry you, and you absolutely should be scared of that lich. 'Cause if you aren't, then what is wrong with you? You should treat it like it can kill you - because odds are good, it *can*.

    But even if you don't want to do that? At least stop trying to break the GMs' brains, dangit!

    Not terribly much love,

    Current Mood: annoyed
    Tuesday, January 8th, 2008
    12:08 am
    Dr Phil & Britney
    You'd think someone like Dr Phil - renowned for his ability to help people with their problems - would be thoughtful and considerate when it comes to...y'know...helping someone with their problems.

    Apparently not, 'cause reports are that Dr Phil ambushed Britney Spears outside the hospital she was staying at until a few days ago, as she left it. And then bombarded her with questions and tried to get her to come onto his show and talk about her problems.
    'Cause he's concerned about her. No, really.

    Yeah, you're real concerned, dude. We can see the concern coming off of you in little cartoon stink-waves.
    Thing is, it doesn't look like concern for Britney that's spurring behaviour like this. It looks more like concern for, oh, let's say...your ratings.

    'Cause if you were concerned about Britney, you wouldn't have ambushed her and tried to drag her onto your show. You would've perhaps called or sent a letter and left it at that, 'till she decided to get back to you.

    As it is, I'm hoping she or her family's going to succeed in getting a restraint order against you coming near her again. Seriously: she's got enough on her plate as-is; at least the media has the decency to back off when told to.
    News is, too, that he was planning a show specifically centered around her problems, too. Said show has been scrapped, since Britney kicked him out. (Good thing, too - the last thing she needs is more media coverage for her problems. And I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to tell someone who just invaded her privacy, on live tv, what her problems are.)

    She may or may not need psychological intervention, Dr Phil. But I do know one thing: if she does need help? She doesn't need it from someone who's more interested in showing the results of the discussion to the world, rather than someone who's willing to not only keep their mouth shut but - if necessary - deny that Britney's even a client.

    Current Mood: aggravated
    Wednesday, December 19th, 2007
    7:59 pm
    "Gift of the Magi"
    I've never been terribly fond of Gift of the Magi. I think O. Henry doesn't do Della and Jim justice, really.

    'Cause in the story I recall, Jim does sell his pocket-watch - but he sells it to a pawn shop. And in any version of the story, Della always notes that her hair will grow back.

    The watch isn't gone beyond recovery - it's just out of their hands for a little bit.

    But in my version of the story, we go on past Christmas eve. And Jim gets his watch back eventually - whether by Della selling her hair again, or by paying the pawn shop owner a little bit each week until he's paid back the money he owes, I'm not sure; probably the latter.
    But the point is...he gets it back. And it gets put on that gold chain Della got for him, and Della's hair grows back and she puts it up in the combs.

    ...and when you think about it, none of this would've come about in my mind, if not for the fact that O. Henry calls 'em both idiots at the end.

    Current Mood: contemplative
    12:51 am
    Perfume Allergies
    A post over in Customers_Suck made me wonder about my own allergies.
    The poster noted that she's allergic to the incense her shop sells, and a person commented that it might just be the petrochemical-based stuff she's allergic to, or possibly the base (apparently a lot of cheap incense uses pine or cedar wood-chips for the base).

    Which made me wonder - since the perfume Mike got me doesn't make me react, is it possible that I'm only allergic to cheap perfume?

    Current Mood: contemplative
    Sunday, December 16th, 2007
    12:27 am
    The FUCK?!
    Just saw this: District Court Judge Sarah Bradley allowed nine males, who pleaded guilty to the rape of a 10-year-old girl, to be paroled or had their sentences suspended saying that the victim had probably consented to having sex with them.

    It's just a wee little blurb on, in their "Photos of the Day" gallery - there doesn't seem to be any links to find out more on this. I found the article, though, over here (

    Apparently it doesn't matter that the girl is ten. That it's unlikely for a normal ten year old to consent to having sex - much less, having sex with a group of boys.
    And the fact that even if she did consent, it's still statutory rape? A mere trifle, apparently, in this woman's eyes.

    Thank god the case is being re-considered by sane people, though (here: and here:,25197,22906526-601,00.html) - and the people above this woman seem quite pissed that she'd think a judgement like the one she handed down is anything close to okay.

    Personally, I'm hoping that they decide there was a miscarriage of justice here (which seems likely to happen), that the girl's attackers are all sentenced as harshly as possible; sentenced as adults; and be registered as child-rapists. And the judge in question - as well as the social workers who put that girl back into a situation where they knew she'd be at risk, and then didn't report it when she was raped? I think they should be fired - and, if I had my way, the offenders would be chemically castrated and the judge and social workers in question would be barred from anything but the most menial of positions.

    But that's me.

    Current Mood: enraged
    Monday, December 10th, 2007
    6:34 pm
    So I have looked at my exam schedule and I have the following exams: Sociology tomorrow at 8:30 - 10:30, and Psychology at 12:30 - 1:30. Thursday has Philosophy and Communications.

    And I'm not entirely sure if I had classes today - neither my History professor nor my Philosophy professor showed (and..neither did anyone else. Which suggests that I'm the only one who didn't know that there weren't classes today.)

    In other news, I got The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception: The Explosive Contents of the Dead Sea Scrolls and How The Church Conspired to Suppress Them by Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh.
    It's interesting (although only so if you're already interested in history and archeology, at least in general, and have at least a layman's knowledge of the scrolls and what they're about, I suspect).
    I've already read it once, at Aunt Bubbe's, but this time the book belongs to me, which makes a bit of a difference, I think. I finished reading it during school - and it's...annoying, kinda. Interesting, but it annoys me, that people could get away with obstructing research for over forty years before anyone even started to ask "are these people biased in a manner that would cause them to attempt to cover up things that the Vatican would view as a threat?"


    Harper and his lackeys annoy me, too, with their stance on the global warming accords. India and China quite literally can't afford to switch to green industries yet. So saying "We're not going to sign unless China and India have to meet the same standards" is like a five-year-old saying they aren't going to eat their broccoli unless their sibling, who's still on formula, has to eat broccoli too. The sibling will be able to eat the broccoli one day - but they can't, just yet, and they won't be able to do so any time soon.
    Tuesday, December 4th, 2007
    12:14 pm
    Chiar Characters
    So, I'm working on a new char.
    Her name, at least unless I need to change it, is Hibiscus. She's a botanist. (Her name could be Rose, yes. But 1) I already have a char named Rose, and 2) I'm trying to avoid cliche where I can. :) )

    Hibby is...more than a little nuts. It's a quiet, subtle kind of nuts, though and it comes in two flavours.
    The more obvious insanity is that she's very much the absent-minded professor and doesn't connect "I sell something potentially lethal to Person X" with "Someone turns blue in the face and keels over, frothing at the mouth." And it's not that she's creating excuses for X, either - she just...literally doesn't see any connection.
    Related to this, she's much, much more interested in her plants than she is in people. She can connect with people, it just takes time to get to the point where it's even going to be a close-run thing between Person and Plant.

    The other flavour is much more subtle and doesn't come out to play much.
    In addition to being the absent-minded professor who loves her plants a little too much, Hibby is (in her own mind, at least) an angel of mercy.
    And I mean this in the "she poisoned at least three of her own family members when the plague hit, because she figured that death by the method she administered was better than the death the plague would give them" kind of way.

    And she's quite certain that she would be lauded for this decision, if anyone found out. She doesn't talk about it, though - mostly 'case a simple "they died during the plague" suffices, and also 'cause she's so certain she'd be lauded for it that she thinks it'd be arrogance to say what she did.

    She is incredibly creepy, and it's gonna be so very cool to RP...
    Tuesday, November 27th, 2007
    4:38 pm
    I'm not fickle!
    ..I hope.

    Seriously, though, I took a little quiz for fun, over at the Golden Compass movie site. There's a "Find Your Daemon" quiz there.

    The first time I took it, I got a lion as my Daemon - "modest, shy, assertive, and...something". Then I took it again today and I got a snow leopard - "modest, spontaneous, shy, and assertive."

    And once I got home, I took it again. It's now sticking "fickle" in there, too. >.>
    It also changed to a Gibbon, and then a fox. Which...I like foxes. But I want my kitty back, darnit!

    It added this, though: "This is what you think of yourself. Do your friends agree? Here's a short questionairre to post and see!"

    So, here's the questionairre.
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